Villa Solar is located in seaside village Reževići, far away from hustle and active life, but in proximity to Sveti Stefan (4 km), Petrovac (5km) and Budva (12km). In the immediate vicinity of the villa you can see one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of Montenegro - Drobni Pijesak which is surrounded by the virgin beauty of Montenegrin nature.

The project of Villa Solar was worked out and realized by experienced designers, agronomists and employees of leading companies. They managed to implement all the client's wishes and to turn the dream into a wonderful place for family relaxation.

Villa Solar is equipped with the latest technologies, which are a wonderful combination of the latest scientific achievements, bold designs and surprising unity with nature. All its systems are made of high-quality materials manufactured by the world's leading brands of Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy and Spain. 

The residence is completely furnished and there’re no flaws at all, as it often happens in new buildings – Villa Solar is ready for living and waiting for its new owners.

1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor

The villa is located away from the noise and tourists and in proximity to all communications, natural and historical sights.

Swimming pool 80 cubic meters capacity with sliding mechanism, thermal station and system of water filtration and disinfection.

The foundation and the very design of the house have been constructed taking into account the seismicity up to 8 points.

There’re more than 600 trees and shrubs, including fruit trees, rare species of perennial palms and olives on the infield.

Hi-tech ventilation, air dryers, functional climate control, floor heating, solar panels and intuitive "smart home" system.

Autonomous septic station is a high-tech system of aerobic sewage treatment.

The maximum environmental friendliness: decorations, walkways and stairs have been made of natural granite and marble.

Video monitoring inside and outside the building, presence detectors, internal and external siren and alarm buttons.

Water coarse and fine cleaning filtering station, noiseless sewerage system, invisible water drainage system.


A wonderful heavenly spot of the Balkans with its piece of the Adriatic in the South is a popular place for relaxation and living among the most diverse foreign audiences. More than 80 000 citizens of other countries live here year round, in a subtropical climate of the coast.

So, what makes Montenegro so attractive for foreigners?

Russian-speakers claim that it’s all because of mental proximity and absence of language barrier. Combined with all its natural resources and sights Montenegro corresponds to demands of most part of the former Soviet Union citizens. This country may offer outdoor safety and good-neighbourliness, warm maritime climate and beaches with pine groves and healing air, which reduces the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Europeans, Americans and Australians come here for pure ecology, good food and accessible prices. Montenegro may become a wonderful permanent residence for seniors and retirees. Families with children who have any diseases, such as seasonal allergies and asthma, move here and solve their problems safely and in the shortest possible time.


Seaside village Reževići is located in the municipality of Budva, and it is a prime example of the Montenegrin identity: untouched nature, the Adriatic Sea, historical monuments and orthodox shrines – it’s all we love the Balkans for. The air with notes of pine in it is so rich and viscous that becomes spoonable.

No wonder that this place is well-known since ancient times for its healing features, and rich citizens of the Roman Empire have often visited it to improve their health.

Nature of Reževići breathes with freedom, and age-old olives only emphasize its virginity.

The proximity of one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of Montenegro – Dronbi Pjesak – makes this unique place even more attractive. It almost has not changed at all over the past few decades, except modern amenities, of course.

When you look at the map of Montenegro, it seems that urbanization deliberately left this piece of coast untouched – a village is situated in the vicinity of Petrovac and Budva, but it does not feel the effects of the tourists’ invasion and does not know the problems with traffic jams, which are inevitable in big cities.